by meisanmui

Many people probably know that I can’t draw any pictures properly. In the earlier years, around 2015, it was all terrifying. Because the hands trembled a lot Staying cold placed even worse and shaking a lot And I take the medication with more side effects than Risperdal, Risperidone

Handshaking caused by medicine is the use of medicines that block the chemicals in the brain called Dopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter. As a substance of happiness, These medicines are used to suppress emotions or feelings. The one that causes the hand to shake (for now) is probably lithium.

Lithium side effects Even if the level of lithium in the blood is normal It may result in harmless side effects such as hand tremor, frequent thirst, frequent urination, increased weight, fatigue, increased white blood cells, etc.

I take lithium Then I must have a blood test Must check again this month Measure the level of lithium in the blood, trembling hand has now subsided. There is a little bit now take Apalife (Abilify), Lithium. And another sleeping pill Previously, take Chronazepam, now take Diazepam. The medicine cost is very expensive. Used to pay 6,000 baht per month as well.

I used to feel annoyed and desperate when I couldn’t draw. When the hands trembled a lot At that time I thought only that Would like to recover from bipolar disorder Try to run every day Running until the weight is lost to the same level before (Now I’m obese^^;) in 2015, I still can’t draw well because my will power is exhausted. It feels like I may not be able to come back anymore. And I might not be able to draw well any more Combined with shaking hands Make my work terrible.

As I watch other people grow in their own way. I only envy the normal people. And can draw normally , Can draw illustrations as usual Because for me it is the greatest gift. It doesn’t have to be so famous (It’s good to be famous though) that gives me a different perspective on the world: I don’t use money as a measure of people’s success anymore. There is a lot of money. But if you have to get sick and ill and work without living your fullest life= poor

To overcome that idea is to not try to be a victim, do not try to be the target of the situation by saying that it’s can’t help, so just accept fate. People on the internet do not understand, it is insulting that I draw very bad, several words that hurt me of course, but now must say thank you. Those look down on words that make it try so hard to draw again.

I really started to come back to draw. Two years ago(2017) . It’s a great feeling if anyone is on FB messenger and is my friend. I will always send progress for them to see. Although not to the original top form, I still keep moving forward and don’t stop drawing And finally, I believe that I’m really much better than I’m in the past. Just not releasing the fullest Calibur to an extreme level. The important thing is Drawing like tomorrow no longer exists What would you like to tell the world through drawing or paintings? Want to leave anything for the world to remember When people to come to our funeral What do you say about us? Live life like that for people who are discouraged There is only one life in life, don’t waste time regretting what you didn’t do.

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